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Dental Surgical Instruments

Dental and Surgical Instruments

Dental Surgical Instruments

A company that entails the experience of more than six decades in manufacturing and selling Surgical instruments, Dental instruments worldwide. AR-Instrumed is a family business where we value finest quality at the best prices. We have been manufacturing all these instruments which allow us to beat the prices and produce the best quality to meet the customers’ expectations. Our Australian office is located in Melbourne and this is from where we are looking after the Valuable customers from Australia and New Zealand.

AR-Instrumed is a proud member of ADIA and all of our Instruments are TGA approved so that our customers can buy with confidence.

Dental Surgical Instruments

Dental Surgical Instruments  use of high-quality single-use instruments can provide significant advantages to dentists in general dental practice, particularly in terms of sterility, convenience, efficiency and reduced operating costs. Packs, such as surgical, restorative, periodontal and implant packs, can be particularly helpful




Castroviejo Needle Holder Use:-

When people walk into the emergency rooms of hospitals to get sutures for their wounds. One of the main instruments which is used to suture up patients wounds is called a needle holder and Castroviejo Needle Holder. This is an instrument which falls under the category of surgical instruments as well as gynecological instruments.

The needle holders are used to pass the needle through the wound so that the torn tissue can be stitched up. This surgical and gynecological instrument is can be re-used after being sterilized.

However An example is the Castroviejo needle holder, which is commonly used in eye surgery and microsurgery.

How to use Needle holder during Treatment:-

The grasp the needle holder very firmly. The needle holder needs to be maneuvered in a smooth and efficient manner to ensure that the stitches are kept as clean as possible to ensure that there is no scar which remains. By using the needle holder, the surgeon can then move the needle smoothly and suture up the wounds.

Once the surgeon begins his/her work and inserts the needle into the tissue and flesh of the woman, the surgeon released the lock which then gives the surgeon the ability to place the needle holder where he may wish. Once the surgeon has locked the position of where he wishes the needle holder to be, the needle is then grasped another time after locking the needle holder which ensures that he has a firm grip on the needle while working.

The needle is continuously pulled through the skin until the process is not finished and the wound of the once pregnant woman is not closed. Different types of needle holders which surgeons use are Brown  Micro Needle Holders. and Standard Mayo Hegar.

Quality Feature of Needle Holders:-

  • Designed to provide a secure and firm grasp of needles for maximum control.
  • Tips are gentle enough to prevent needle damage.
  • Precision designed for balance
  • Needle holders have a lock to ensure that the needle is firmly secured. This allows the needle to be guided through coarse gingival tissue with controlled grip pressure.
  • Extremely smooth cutting of fine and coarse tissue with reduced trauma
  • Dusted jaw surface.
  • According to Quality we Suggest to buy  TGA Approved Instruments.