Dental Surgical Instruments

Dental Surgical Instruments

Dental Surgical Instruments

Dental Surgical Instruments

Dental Surgical Instruments  use of high-quality single-use instruments can provide significant advantages to dentists in general dental practice, particularly in terms of sterility, convenience, efficiency and reduced operating costs. Packs, such as surgical, restorative, periodontal and implant packs, can be particularly helpful


value of single use dental Surgical Instruments

Procedure packs are also available for specific procedures which contain all necessary instruments. Examples of packs include dental and periodontal examination, restorative procedure packs, maxillofacial biopsy, minor oral surgery, and periodontal microsurgery.

This article examines the potential benefits of high quality, single-use Instruments in a busy general dental practice and to challenge current clinician perceptions of single-use instrumentation.

Quality of Dental Surgical Instruments

Single-use of Dental Surgical Instruments can be of extremely high quality and may be almost indistinguishable in use from re-usable instruments. Clinicians often comment that they are impressed by their quality and functionality, and that “they appear far too good to throw away after just one use”. These Dental Surgical Instruments instruments are a significant step forward from the poorer quality equipment which was previously available.

One of the most significant changes to have affected the dental profession in recent years has been the adoption of rigorous sterilization and cross-contamination procedures “Decontamination in Primary Care Dental Practices)

Dangers posed by ‘prion diseases’ such as variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (vCJD) remain even with the most effective dental sterilization processes.

Cost of Dental Surgical Instruments

Reprocessing dental instrument trays however inevitably leads to significant wear and tear and ultimately instrument damage.

This can also add substantial costs to the reprocessing of reusable instruments.

• Endodontics: Single-use rubber dam and root canal obturation packs provide optimal cost and clinical efficiencies. Clinicians can more effectively identify and control procedure costs and maximise their return on time-consuming and costly procedures.

Single-use instruments eliminate infection prevention concerns associated with the reprocessing of reusable instruments. 

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