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At Dental Instruments Australia we take pride in catering Dental market, we provide all sorts of dental equipment, dental tools along all other necessities for running your practice professionally, we source our own raw material and make sure the standards of our manufacturing are high, so that you will have high quality instruments in your hand.

All our dental instruments, dental tools and equipment are rigorously checked for any imperfection, by our highly trained QC department, we make sure our instruments pass through not just one pair of hand but three people check them to ensure you have full faith in our tools.

Dental instruments are tools that dental professionals use to provide dental treatment. They also  include tools to examine, manipulate, treat, restore and remove teeth and surrounding oral structures.

Dental Instruments Australia is a Australia based supplier of high quality of Dental, Surgical, Implant, Medical and Beauty products. We also sell brand new products made of high quality Stainless Steel. Our products are also CE marked and fully conformed to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards. Range of our products include dental explorers, probes, orthodontic pliers, scalars, composite instruments, Thomas waxing instruments, curates, endodontic spreaders, filling instruments, wax and modelling carvers, plaster and alginate spatulas, scissors, amalgam carrier, thinning scissors, fancy scissors, razors, foot filers, nail filers, nail nippers and cutters, blackhead removers and also a wide range of other medical and surgical products.

Our aim is also to become market leader in supply of dental, medical and beauty products, meeting our prestigious customers’ expectations and providing best customer service. We also believe in winning clients trust by selling high quality products.


We also deals in the following instruments ;


  • Examination instrument
  • Mirrors
  • Probes
  • Re tractors
  • Local anesthesia
  • Dental handpieces
  • Laser
  • Torque wrench
  • Burs
    • Operative burs
  • Restorative instruments
    • Excavators
  • Burnishers
  • Pluggers
  • Periodontal scalers
    • Curettes
  • Prosthodontic instruments
    • Removable prosthodontics
  • Extraction/surgical instruments
    • Dental forceps
    • Elevators
    • Chisels
  • Orthodontic instruments
  • Endodontic instruments


Dental Instruments Australia also have a long life and high reliability through selection of very high-quality materials and extremely high manufacturing tolerances which lead to cost-efficiency paired with high-quality technology.Our extensive and celebrated portfolio of industry-leading dental instruments also includes an array of special instruments. They also has the perfect dental instruments to enhance your procedural outcomes and simplify your workflow. Dental experts also know that tough teeth cleaning, polishing and caries detection with lesser tools can result in tremendous discomfort for patients and prolonged and taxing work periods for practitioners. Choose the Prophylaxes 3 powder blast hand piece for an alternative that’s safe and comfortable for your clients. This dental instrument also allows for thorough and careful cleaning of sensitive areas as well as those that are difficult to reach.

Sophisticated Dental Instruments Australia That Professionals Can Rely On

AR Instrumed is a market leader in the supply of high-quality Dental, Surgical, Implant, Medical, and Beauty products. We care about delivering on our customer’s desires through our worthy values of transparency, integrity, and service excellence. We represent many of the world’s premium manufacturers and bestow an enormous range of dental materials, consumable commodities, instruments, and equipment sourced either here in Australia or in other diverse parts of the world. At AR Instrumed, we offer a matchless service that other dental & surgical instrument providers don’t — online ordering for surgical, orthodontic pliers, scalars, composite instruments, Thomas waxing instruments, curates, endodontic spreaders, filling instruments, wax, and modeling carvers, plaster and alginate spatulas, scissors, amalgam carrier, thinning scissors, fancy scissors, razors, and many other surgical & dental instruments Australia. We manufacture and distribute all of our dental tools made of good quality steel and handle every step of the manufacturing on our end so there is no way that you have to deal with an intermediary. These 100% Australian manufactured dental instruments Australia are used by dental professionals for dental treatment across the globe. These materials and instruments will help to remove or clean the teeth and damage the surroundings of the oral treatment. Most white-collar dentists love to use our incredible tools like dental explorers, probes, endodontic spreaders, filling instruments, foot filers, nail filers, nail nippers and cutters, blackhead removers, and also a vast range of other medical and surgical products. These well-designed dental tools and instruments are ideal for cleaning teeth to avoid the feature problem for the patient. We’re an expert dental tools supplier in Australia and our goods are optimal for utilization with the putty to apply to the final project, and more.

Why Choose AR Instrumed For The Best Dental Instruments Australia?

AR Instrumed aims to provide a personalized, caring experience while bracing and maintaining both healthy & sound teeth and gums. We intend to make you comfortable and confident in our dental instrument Australia’s care. We bestow our manufacturers to be helping hand in smooth treatment from routine fillings to cosmetic procedures and full mouth reconstruction. We are dedicated to delivering you top-quality dental supplies to aid you in a dental practice at an affordable price. We take pride in our abysmal understanding, huge knowledge, and years of experience in dental instruments Australia most significantly in their solutions which inspires us to supply you high precision and better-quality dental instruments that play an essential role in the quality of the clinical procedure and the safety of your patients. Accordingly, if you are seeking a good Dental Instruments Australia Manufacturer then your search is over at AR Instrumed, as we are the top premium dental instrument manufacturing company that is dealing with a broad range of dental instruments to detect and treat oral problems easily. Many healthcare professionals not only Australia-wide but worldwide solely prefer our brand because the manufacturing array proficiently offers reliable products so that dental adepts can perform their duty hassle-free. Our expertise in dental instruments will reflect you in the profile of our online dental supply store and our quickest approach to strictly and professionally proffers a comprehensive range of dental tools at the top standard that realistically meets dentists' expectations at a very reasonable price that is truly delightful for them which make us apart from the rest of dental suppliers in Australia.

We’re The Best Dental Supply Store Online For Quality Dental Instruments Australia

With our unique Dental Instruments Australia, we promise that you’ll be fully satisfied with our useful gadgets or you gain your money back. We’ve served countless dental, orthodontic, and endodontic professionals for many years of excellence with top-quality steel dental tools and prices that can’t be let down. Moreover, AR Instrumed specializes in making your ordering and our delivery process as effortless as possible. From convenient and secure online purchasing to fast delivery to your spot, ordering your dental instruments is just a five-finger exercise for us. AR Instrumed also strives to manufacture top-notch quality products with the environment in mind. We’ve integrated recycled finest steel into many of our tools. It’s every bit as durable as other dental instrument suppliers’ product but is developed with comparatively much less waste. Contact our manufacturing experts to explore more about our commitment to sustainability!

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