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Orthodontic Instruments

Many of the orthodontic instruments used for orthodontic treatment are unique to the discipline of orthodontics. Knowledge of these instruments and their uses is important for all dental students before commencing orthodontic treatment on patients.

Cotton Pliers of orthodontic instruments

Cotton pliers orthodontic instruments are used for the placement of cotton rolls for isolation, as well as for the retrieval of small objects intra-orally.

Howe Utility Pliers

Howe utility pliers have two long beaks with pads at the ends that are used to hold archwires during placement and removal.

Wire Cutter/Pin and Ligature Cutter

A wire cutter, or pin and ligature cutter, has two tapered beaks with sharp cutting terminal ends.

Distal End Cutters

Distal end cutters have two cutting surfaces at right angles to the long axis of the instrument. They will also catch and hold the cut end of the arch-wire, thus preventing the loose end of the wire from injuring the patient.

Separating Pliers

Separating pliers are reverse action pliers with tips at the ends to hold the separating modules.

Band Burnisher

A band burnisher is similar in appearance to the band pusher except that the working end is flatter.

Posterior Band Remover

The working end of the posterior band remover has a nylon tipped beak and a flat beak which has a slight curve at the tip.

The Best Orthodontic Pliers & Instruments Brands and Companies
When it comes to orthodontic instruments your choices are seemingly endless. A simple Google search will reveal numerous orthodontic instrument brands from many sources.


Orthodontic instruments Service recommends that you only consider orthodontic pliers from brand names.  Carefully look at the orthodontic pliers fit and finish, especially between the jaws and around the hinge and tips. The gaps should be tight and the finish should be smooth.

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