Citoject Intraligamentary Dental Syringe 2.2ml


Citoject Intraligamentary Dental Syringe 2.2ml

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-Citoject Intraligamentary Dental Syringe 2.2ml, for Use With Cartridges of 2.2 ml,
-Made of German AISI 304 Japanese Stainless Steel.

-3 Years Full Replacement Warranty Under Normal Use T&C Apply.
-All of our Instruments are TGA Approved.

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Citoject Intraligamentary Dental Syringe 2.2ml cartridge is a very common instrument used in dentistry to inject anaesthesia. Aspirating syringes are made out of stainless steel that is fully autoclave-able. This is manufactured on state of the Art CNC plant thats ensures that this Citoject Dental Syringe 2.2ml is a perfect instrument for dentists that they can use with confidence.

Citoject Intraligamentary Dental Syringe 2.2ml comes in different Colours i.e. Blue, Gunmetal, Orange etc. This specific product is with Plasma Blue coating and can be used to inject anaesthesia in all kind of dental practices or procedures including general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and the like.
Product specification & Material Used:  
This is made of AISI 304 Japanese stainless steel and comes in a shiny finish outside with a long barrel and that allows the practitioners to do the side loading which makes it easy to use and handle. Whole product including thread of the Ring Style Aspirating Dental Syringe 2.2ml is made out of stainless steel that ensures the long lasting quality and functionality of the instrument over the years.
Precaution: Although General sterilisation method will be applied but syringes has to be secure in autoclave able pouch while sterilising.
Dental Aspirating Syringe Styles
There are various styles of syringes available and Ring Style Aspirating Dental Syringe 2.2ml is just one of them. Apart from that, there are syringes with T-Style handle, Crutch Handle and click style syringe. All styles are autoclave-able and made out of stainless steel with maximum durability and functionality.
Another reason for Ring Style Aspirating syringe 2.2ml to be most hot selling item is the side loading barrel of the syringe that makes it easy to load and unload and clean if there are any stains
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