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Dental Implant Kit Universal 50 pcs


-Dental Implant Kit Universal 50 pcs – Used in multiple ways to manipulate bones to aid placement of  implants as they are feature to cut, compress or deform bones during dental implant procedures.
-Made of AISI 304 Japnanese Stainless Steel.
-3 Years Full Replacement Warranty Under normal use T&C Apply.
-All of our Instruments are TGA Approved.

SKU: AR 106-600-2

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  • This Kit Includes:

16pcs Conical Drills with Stoppers
1.8mm / 2.2mm – S1
1.8mm / 2.2mm – S3
1.8mm / 2.2mm – S5
1.8mm / 2.2mm – S7
2.2mm / 2.7mm – S1
2.2mm / 2.7mm – S3
2.2mm / 2.7mm – S5
2.2mm / 2.7mm – S7
2.3mm / 3.3mm – S1
2.3mm / 3.3mm – S3
2.3mm / 3.3mm – S5
2.3mm / 3.3mm – S7
2.8mm / 4.5mm – S1
2.8mm / 4.5mm – S3
2.8mm / 4.5mm – S5
2.8mm / 4.5mm – S7

*S = Stopper Length
Bone Expander Screws
1.6mm / 2.6mm
1.9mm / 3.0mm
2.9mm / 3.4mm
2.3mm / 3.8mm
2.9mm / 4.3mm

Titanium Coated External Irrigation Drills
Drill Bit 2.0mm L 18.50
Drill Bit 2.8mm L 18.50
Drill Bit 3.65mm L 18.50
Drill Bit 4.2mm L 18.50
Drill Bit 4.5mm L 18.50
Drill Bit 4.8mm L 18.50
Drill Bit 5.2mm L 18.50

Titanium Coated Trephine Drills
Int: 2.0mm, Ext: 3.0mm
Int: 3.0mm, Ext: 4.0mm
Int: 4.0mm, Ext: 5.0mm
Int: 5.0mm, Ext: 6.0mm
Int: 6.0mm, Ext: 7.0mm
Int: 7.0mm, Ext: 8.0mm
Int: 8.0mm, Ext: 9.0mm
Int: 9.0mm, Ext: 10.0mm

Compression Screw 2.8 / 4.0mm
Compression Screw 4.0mm
Motor Mount Driver 2.42mm
Compression Screw 2.0 / 2.8mm
Compression Screw 2.8 / 3.4mm

Tissue Punch 4.5mm
Tissue Punch 5.8mm
Pilot Drill 2.0mm

Drill Extender
Ratchet Driver 2.42mm
Hand Driver 2.42mm

Torque Wrench 6.35mm (10-40Ncm)
Depth Gauge

Sterilisation Cassette / Box

All Instruments are ISO 9001:2008 & CE Certified!