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Dental Restorative Composite Set 6pcs


-Dental Restorative Composite Set 6pcs 

-Tips: Gold coated for non-stick feature and Made of AISI 420 Japanese Stainless Steel.

– Handle: Anatomical 10mm hollow handle, Made of 304 Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel

-All of our Instruments are TGA Approved.

SKU: 110-119

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Dental Restorative Composite Instruments Set

  • 103-435 Flat Plastic 1.5mm Hollow Handle 10mm
  • 103-436 Flat Plastic 2.0mm Hollow Handle 10mm
  • 103-437 Flat Plastic 2.5mm Hollow Handle 10mm
  • 102-399H Motonson 1.0/1.2mm Hollow Handle 10mm
  • 102-303H Ball Burnisher 2.0/2.5mm Hollow Handle 10mm
  • 102-358H Filling Instruments 1.5/2.5mm Hollow Handle 10mm