Gracey Curette 3/4 Gold Plated


Gracey Curette 3/4 Gold Plated

$35.00 $25.00

-Gracey Curette 3/4 Gold Plated, Double ended and coated with Titanium Gold( Zirconium Nitride – Zrn) which makes it absolutely corrosion free. Available in 10mm Anatomical hollow handle. Following Figures are available: Gracey 1/2, Gracey 3/4, Gracey 5/6, Gracey 7/8, Gracey 9/10, Gracey 11/12, Gracey 13/14.
-Made of AISI 420 French Stainless Steel.
-3 Years Full Replacement Warranty under normal use T&C apply.
-All of our Instruments are TGA Approved.

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