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Middledorf Retractors 21cm & 23cm


-Middledorf Retractor is an Oral Mucoperiosteal Flap Surgery Instrument used to hold back mucoperiosteal flap, cheeks, tongue and lips from operative field., these instruments used in Dental and oral Surgery AR 103-221/103-220

-Made of AISI 410 Japanese Stainless Steel.

-3 Years Full Replacement Warranty Under Normal Use T&C Apply.

-All of our Instruments are TGA Approved.

SKU: AR 103-220

Categories: Dental, bone instruments, Retractors,

Tags: Cheek Retractor, Dental Retractor, Middledorf Retractors, Mucoperiosteal flap Instrument,

Length-21cm_Top-17x14mm, Length-23cm_Top-20x22mm