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  • -Plastic Root Elevators Set of 7 TIT Plasma Blue tips.
  • -TGA Approved

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Categories: Dental, Instruments Sets & kits, Luxating Elevators Set,

Tags: 7 Set Luxators, Plastic Elevator kit, Luxating Elevators Set, Luxating extraction Set, Luxating Root Elevator set, Luxator Set,

  • -Plastic Root Elevators Set of 7, aided with plastic handle for light and firm grip. Tips are TIT Plasma blue coated for extra protection from stains and corrosion. It is used during the tooth extraction as a lever pushed b/w the gums & tooth to loosen the surrounding.
  •       1- FIG 1 Root Elevator Luxator  2mm Slightly Curved Outward.
  •       2- FIG 2 Root Elevator Luxator  3mm Straight.
  •       3- FIG 3 Root Elevator Luxator  5mm Straight.
  •       4- FIG 4 Root Elevator Luxator  3mm Slightly Curved Outward.
  •       5- FIG 5 Root Elevator Luxator  5mm Slightly Curved  Outward.
  •       6- FIG 6 Root Elevator Luxator  3mm Slightly Curved Inward.
  •       7- FIG 7 Root Elevator Luxator  3mm Double Curved and Straight.
  • -Tips are made of AISI 420 French Stainless Steel.
    -3 Years Full Replacement Warranty under normal use T&C apply.
    -TGA Approved.
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