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Sinus Osteotomes Curved Convex Variable Sizes


-Sinus Osteotomes Convex Curved 180mm long available in 6 sizes  2.2, 2.7 ,3.2, 3.7, 4.2, 4.9mm – Used in multiple ways to manipulate bones to aid placement of  implants as they are feature to cut, compress or deform bones during dental implant procedure.
-Made of AISI 304 Japnanese Stainless Steel.
-3 Years Full Replacement Warranty Under normal use T&C A

SKU: AR 106-480-484

Categories: Dental, bone instruments, Osteotomes,

Tags: Dental Implant instruments, Implant Osteotomes, Osteotome Concave end, Osteotome Convex End, Osteotome Ridge Expension, Sinus Osteotomes,

Osteotome Convex Curved 2.2mm, Osteotome Convex Curved 2.7mm, Osteotome Convex Curved 3.2mm, Osteotome Convex Curved 3.7mm, Osteotome Convex Curved 4.2mm, Osteotome Convex Curved 4.9mm

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