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Feb 09 2021 TC Instruments (TUNGSTEN CARBIDE) VS Standard Instruments

TC Instruments VS Standard Instruments

What makes Tungsten Carbide Instruments Special:

Pure metals and compound metal alloys are used in various industries all over the world. There are some metals that are more useful and versatile than others.

By the same token, in the field of medical sciences and healthcare industry, especially dental instruments industry, there must be an extreme scrutiny regarding what material shall be used for instruments that are in use on daily basis. After all, people who operate in the realm of Dental Industry have to use many of their instruments to physically operate on their patients while keeping the area they work in completely clean and sterile. Fortunately, tungsten carbide has proven to be the metal alloy above all others that possesses the physical properties, versatility, and usefulness to stand up to the needs of healthcare professionals across the world.

Properties of Tungsten Carbide:

Tungsten carbide’s incredible properties are born form marrying carbon and tungsten together. The resulting alloy is dense, resistant to scratching, pitting, and rusting, and is nearly as hard as diamond. In fact, carbide is three times harder than even stainless steel and can be sterilized just as easily.

Tungsten Carbide Instruments by AR Instrumed:

Because of the properties that tungsten carbide possesses, there are several dental instruments that are made out of that material. Some of these include:

  1. Forceps and needle holders TC: https://ar-instrumed.com.au/product-category/needle-holders-2/tc-needle-holders/
  2. Scissors TC : https://ar-instrumed.com.au/product-category/scissors-2/tc-scissors/
  3.  Surgical pin and wire cutters TC: https://ar-instrumed.com.au/product-category/wire-cutters/
  4. Wire Cutters TC: https://ar-instrumed.com.au/product-category/wire-cutters/
  5. Bone Rasps: https://ar-instrumed.com.au/product-category/implantology/bone-files/
  6. Bone Crusher Titanium TC: https://ar-instrumed.com.au/product-category/implantology/bone-crushers/

Dentist Smart Choice:

When dental cosmetic and maxillofacial surgeons use forceps and needle holders that are tipped with Tungsten Carbide, they are able to enjoy a firmer grasp on whatever they might be holding onto thanks to the density and texture of the material. In addition, the incredible hardness of tungsten carbide allows it to be sharpened to a finer point than stainless steel or titanium.

Edge for Dentists/Surgeons:

Instruments with the tips and coating of Tungsten Carbide means the better performance through precision in the work. Due to the sharpness that carbide blades sport, surgical pin and wire cutters can also be used to sever material with far greater precision.

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